Three Weeks Express Program
2020 中文三週速達春季班 II
2020Three-week Express Spring Program II
Spring Session II (2020/3/2 ~ 2020/3/20)

"Received" 表示國語中心已收到您的收據傳真;
"Completed" 表示您的匯款已經確認,並報名成功。
"Waiting List" 表示您是候補名單。

Please find your Application Number and check whether your tuition transfer receipt was received, and your application process is completed.
"Received" means that MTC has received your faxed transfer receipt ;
"Completed" means that your tuition tranfer is confirmed and you have completed the application process successfully.
"Waiting List" means that you are on waiting list.

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報名序號 Application No. 收據傳真 Faxed Receipt 完成報名手續 Application Process
1 received cancelled
2 pending pending
3 received completed
4 received completed
5 received completed
6 received completed
7 received completed
8 received completed
9 received completed
10 received completed