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Language Course

Language Course

Language Course

Language Course

Field Trip


Language Enhancement

Culture Class

Language Enhancement

Sports Class

*Program is from 9:00 - 15:00, Mon. - Fri.

1. Immersive Language Courses

Small-sized Class
Students are placed into language classes based on their proficiency levels. Classes are taught through an interactive and modern teaching methodology. Teaching materials are designed to cater to different levels of proficiency for the most effective results.

Modern & Customized Teaching Materials
Customized textbooks designed by the MTC team is used for all language courses. Our well-experienced teacher will also provide supplementary teaching materials to aid each student in the class based on their needs.

2Language Enhancement
Our Language Enhancement course is designed for students at different levels to learn different applicable topics through Chinese. Our teachers use interactive and challenging teaching methods for students to explore different topics

Ex: Chinese Tourism, Pronunciation, Taiwanese Language and Culture, Taiwan Michelin Food, etc.

3. Culture Class
The MTC team strongly believes in teaching a language not only through intensive language course, but also through learning the culture. Our program incorporates variety of culture classes, which allow students to not only learn the cultural history of Taiwan, but also create projects and souvenirs to bring back home.
4.  Exploratory Field Trips
Our team will take students to explore Taiwan’s culture and scenery in a Chinese-speaking environment. This program will provide students the opportunity to see the beauty in Taiwan in 4 weeks.